May 1, 2017

Creative Pharmaceutical Marketing Ideas

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Creative Pharmaceutical Marketing Ideas

Posted by Gareth Pickering

Pharma communications can be a tricky business, there is a great deal to say but often we are constrained in how we get the message across.

This is certainly the case is we are to remain engaging, fresh and interesting.

Old fashioned creativity was just an image. And that image was usually in a print advert. As marketing advanced through the social media era, and arrived at the inbound methodology stage, we have so much more scope to be creative and engage big messages, quickly and succinctly.


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There are, of course, the usual suite of marketing collateral - webinars, white papers, e-books, e-blasts, tech sheet downloads etc. These are all great, don’t stop producing them. But here are some other ideas of how you could get your message across.



Probably the most underused method of getting across log messages, quickly, easily and in a very engaging way. I believe there is not enough good use of infographic documents. Got lots of data and stats to get across? Look no further than the humble infographic.



Video is big and will be big for a long time to come. It's an obvious one, but using it creatively is an art, not a science. It's easy to create a 30-minute masterclass with your technical people standing at the front of the screen talking at the camera. Stop right there. Make no YouTube session no more than 6 minutes, condense it. Pay for creative services, use voice-overs, whiteboard animation and things like time-lapse. They have much better impact and keep the audience engaged so much more than a presentation.

You do have to invest in creativity. But it will be worth it, I promise. At relatively little expense a creative agency can create a really compelling video, 6 minutes long that catches the eye, and gets the message over



Tricky one and not right for every campaign but developing an app could be a really easy way to get your content message over in a practical way. For instance, a CDMO I worked with years ago developed a series of apps aimed at the consumer end of their product. There was light engagement but enough to guide the product through development and give real data to the doctors who would be using the information. It’s not right for every campaign, but certainly worth exploring.

Always remember - be mobile-ready, whatever platform you are delivering your message on. Make sure it is compatible with all screens.


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3D Walkthroughs

Again, a bit of investment is needed here on a good visual creative, but well well worth the effort. Especially if its a new medical device development, these are perfect for 3D visual fly-throughs. But it’s not just devices and applications that can really benefit from a good digital 3D walk-through you can also put this technique to good use to explore concepts as well.

So if your service offering includes, for instance consultancy, a good creative agency can develop a two-minute fly through with animation that demonstrates your capabilities. It's a clever and engaging way of explaining your USP's in a way different to your competitors.



Good old fashioned content. We're lucky to be in an industry where people still want to read. If we were in B2C, marketing, let's say, the latest brand in trainers, our audience would not want to read a white paper, however for the pharma marketer we're lucky that’s exactly what our market want. So get good with content. There are plenty of blogs on how to do this, speak to a good agency, but do develop a content strategy with an eye on inbound and lead generation.

For all these I would recommend that you speak to good creative agencies, even if your in-house capabilities are solid, they are the experts. I would also recommend sites like People Per Hour or Fiver (UK) for one-off jobs, the calibre of creatives on here I have always found to be exceptional, and extremely good value. The main advice is don’t be afraid to explore, get a quote, get ideas, and keep being creative.

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